Art Therapy


People come to therapy for many reasons and if you are distressed it might be difficult to speak about your experiences, or perhaps it might feel like words are not enough.

Art Therapy, also called Art Psychotherapy, is a way of helping people to explore their feelings, experiences and relationships using a combination of art making and conversation.

By building a therapeutic relationship based on trust and respect, in a safe, confidential space, we can work together to enable you to express feelings, tell your story and think about your life. Art Psychotherapy can be used by anyone and you don’t need to be experienced at making art to benefit. A range of materials is provided and you can choose what to use. We look at your images together and think about what they mean to you. There is no right or wrong way of working and any interpretation of the images is a collaborative process. Having another person with you to provide an alternative viewpoint can be illuminating. Giving yourself the time and space to explore and reflect on your life experience can enable you to move on into a more positive future.

Art psychotherapy puts the art materials and the images you make at the heart of the therapy process and provides a different way of communicating. This can help to make you feel more empowered to make the changes you need to make in your life.DSCF0311



“Ursula has been a wonderful therapist who has been full of compassion, empathy and wisdom throughout my sessions. She provided a safe and contained space where I felt able to express my thoughts and feelings that has allowed me to grow as an individual.”

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